Sunday, January 26, 2014

CSI Door Approach, Miracles and Tell Me the Blessings You See

Hello my WONDERFUL FAMILY!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness, it seems that everything back there at home is just getting more and more exciting!!  I can't believe that Jake is getting his mission call this week!!!  I almost started jumping up and down here in the library I was so excited.  I am more than positive that he will be called to the Belgium/Netherlands Mission.  Mom, everyone tries to guess what their system is down there in Salt Lake City but I have never heard of the Domestic/Foreign calls thing.  I think that they put the missionaries where they are inspired to send them and if it does end up being Belgium/Netherlands then we will know that they were truly inspired.  :D  But really, Jake, you will love where ever you are called because you will be serving with the people that you need to.  I am so excited and super mad that I have to wait until Monday to know!!
This week has been super amazing!  It is super cool to see how the Lord is there, ready to bless you as you are doing your best to be obedient and serve Him and the people around you.  On Monday, we had the opportunity to give a Family Home Evening lesson at the Bishop's home.  I love that family and we talked all about the temple and how important it is for everyone.  That was a super cool experience because as everyone went around and had a chance to share why the temple was important for them, the spirit just got stronger.  It was a great way to start our proselyting week.
After such an amazing spiritual experience, Sister Brophy and I were ready to hit the town.  So we did.  We went and looked up a potential investigator whose name is Samantha.  She was found while the Elders were here doing a blitz and finding in the city for with us for a couple of hours.  We went by and she was at home!!  That was miracle number one for the night.  Then, we were able to teach her an entire Restoration lesson.  That was amazing.  She kept asking questions that just led into the next part of the lesson.  She is really searching for something.  I think that the coolest part of the lesson was when we taught the first vision.  After Joseph Smith was quoted, there was silence.  The spirit was so strong.  I almost started crying, and we all know how much I like doing that.  We set a baptisimal date with her for February 15.  We are super excited and have been thanking the Lord all week long.  
The coolest thing is that the miracles did not stop there.  Sister Brophy and I have set a few really high goals for the transfer and are working super hard to contact as many people as possible and get the work moving.  We literally come home exhausted every single day, but the Lord has been blessing us so much it has been so totally worth it.  And with every blessing, you just feel like you need to get back out there and work some more because you owe Him more work after He blessed you!!  It is a super amazing feeling.  
Who Knew CSI Would Get You In?
We went finding, like I said.  All week.  I have knocked so many doors and talked to so many people this week it isn't even funny.  But finally, on Saturday night, the magic happened.  We stopped this guy on the street, he didn't seem to understand us very well and speaks turks....unfortunately one of the languages I don't speak.  But he understood us enough to tell us his daughter was Christian and gave us her number.  REFERRAL!!  And we have a return appointment with her this next week.  Then, we went door 8 favorite time.  NOT.  But we did it anyway.  8.30.  Walked up to a door, I could see through the window that the lady was watching of my favorites.  Rang the doorbell.  Got ready for a normal door contact.   Suddenly, what came out of my mouth?  Not 'we are here to share the Book of Mormon.' But,'Hey, I couldn't help but see that you were watching CSI.  That is one of my favorites ever!!' She continued to laugh and tell us that she has had the elders on the door many times in the last few years and that she didn't have any interest in what we had to say.  But she said that we were welcome to come in and watch CSI.  So what did I say.....'OK' So we went in.  Ended up having a lesson and a return appointment for next week. 
Sister Brophy and I were flying high.  We were really pleased with our work and the success that we had seen.  Sunday night came around....8PM, what do we get to do?  Door knocking.  We went again.  Randomly, and awkwardly talked to this man who was opening up his door to go in.  Turns out he had spoken with the Elders three years ago in another city.  He had moved and hadn't heard anything from them.  He invited us right back. 
This week was definitly one of miracles!!  I love being a missionary and being able to witness and see the blessings that the Lord gives me in my life.  Tell me the blessings that you see around you this week!!
I love you!!
Zuster Israelsen

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