Monday, November 25, 2013

Deventer, Anjewierdens, Assen, Sinterclaas Journal

Man do I love you guys!!  I love hearing about your lives every week, sometimes I feel like I am missing out on a lot, but at the same time, not.  I am glad that everyone is having an exciting time with Swedish librarians, new companies and lots of meetings, ender games movies, ALSTATE CHOIR!!  and USU basketball games!!
I love you guys!!
This week was a crazy one!  We had our last FHE activity with the Anjewierdens, they were the senior couple that worked in Deventer.  It was a big party and there were like a billion people there.  But it was really hard to say goodbye, we are all missing them right now but we know that they are happy to be home with their kids and grandkids too.
On Tuesday, I went on exchanges to Assen.  It is a little city on the edge of the map that I am not sure many Dutch people have heard about, but it was fun.  We were able to teach a lesson to a woman there and seriously when we walked into her house it felt like I was walking into Ms. Roman's house.  She had a yellow lab, it smelled like it even and she looks just like her.  She also does was a really weird feeling but a super cool lesson because she is really sincere.  She is acutally a self-referral from  (Does everyone have one of those?)  Anyway, it was one of the coolest Plan of Salvation lessons that I have ever been a part of.  The spirit was super strong and she felt as though the puzzle she has been trying to put together for a very long time is beginning to be completed(her words).  Cool huh?  I think that it  is super amazing how the gospel can do that for people.  I think that sometimes we forget that what we have been taught since we were little can mean the world to other people, that it can make a huge change in their lives.  We are still changed but we do not always see the changes that are made. 
On Wednesday we had a super cool day.  Our dinner appointment was a hoot!!  It was with Familie Feith!!  We had a party, but the coolest part was that we were able to have Zwarte Pete make a present for us.  Go to google and look up the sinterklaas journal.....I am not sure what it is called, but it is super fun!!  I love the Feith family and we were able to challege them to make a family mission plan.  They are super excited to do just that so that they can help us missionaries.  Their daughter Mariska is looking in to going on a mission and we are helping her with part of her plan to have at least one joint teach a week!!  We just have to find those appointments. 
We had a really cool experience also that day.  We were finding literally the entire day....only a dinner appointment.  Sometimes those are the longest days!!  But we were in an area and knocking doors....after having the door slammed in our face for the 30th time or so....we decided to say a prayer.  We asked the Lord where we needed to go because we knew that there had to be at least one person in that neighborhood who would want to hear the gospel.  After the prayer, we were led to a least favorite place.  But we proceeded to bell the different apartments....on the last bell a man answered and let us upstairs.  We started to talk to him on his doorstep and he asked if we could come back with a book of mormon in his language so that he could actually read it.  He is from pakistan.  So that was pretty much amazing.  I think that the Lrod was trying to show me that if I just trust in him that He will lead us to where we need to be.  I just need to make sure to ask and be willing to go where ever He leads. 
We also set a baptizimal date this week!!  We finally made an appointment with a family that we had met a week ago, and they loved the Restoration.  That was probably one of the coolest lessons that I have been in on my mission.  Their entire family participated.  Even the little kids.  They were super excited and when Sister Thorley quoted the first vision, there were tears in the mom and dads eyes.  We are super excited to be able to work more with family Kear!!  They were our blessing this week!! 
Ok, so you guys keep telling me that I don't tell you enough about my companion.  So here it goes.  She is pretty much awesome.  She is from Lindon Ut.  She grew up playing lacrosse and is probably just as compatitive as I am.  She is a film major at BYU and can quote movies even better than Jake can(which is impressive....i know!!)  She is also a sucker when it comes to dares.  The other night at a members house, we were having dinner and Elder Muse dared her to have the dog(Sido, who loves whipped cream) lick whipped cream out of her mouth.  Well....after 15 minutes of figuring out what exactly she was going to get for this act...she did it.  it was gross...I have a movie....I can't bleive that she did that...I am still giving her a hard time and am still disgusted!! 
The coolest experience this week was on Sunday.  I was able to sing for everyone and it was really cool.  There has never been so many people who have come up to me and thanked me for singing.  The amersfoort ward is having a hard time because their bishops wife has lung cancer and they are all extremely sad.  But they were all touched and super grateful.  I am super grateful for the ability that the Lord has given to me to be able to sing.  It is truly a gift that blesses not only my life but the lives of others.
You guys are almost to Thanksgiving and we are almost to Sinterklaas!!  Crazy huh?  Pretty soon we will be skyping!! 
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!!  I love you so much!!
Zuster Israelsen

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