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So, first off, I just want you to know of the scare that I had when I opened my email and I saw that I had a draft in my box....I opened it up and saw that is was last weeks email....but according to everyone's sounds like you got it I really hope that you did!!  

Mother, to answer your question, I am eating a lot of Belgian Waffles.  And lots of Belgian Chocolate.....and other Belgian delecious friets(fries)

Ok....just sometimes.  Zuser Clement and I try to eat pretty healthy.  We get some dinner appointments here, but we are in a branch and now that there are a set of sisters and a set of elders here in Turnhout, sometimes it feels like dinner appointments are scarce.....but they are the best part of the week!  I love being able to spend time with the members.  To be able to get to know them, their kids and what makes them tick!!  I love it so much!!  
Also, I did receive the cash in the birthday card!!  I bought two movies with it!!  They were cheap.  Despicable Me and How to Train your Dragon....both in Dutch :D  I hope that you aren't too disappointed!! But they haven't been opened!!  I swear!!

This week was super exciting.  We had a lot of birthday parties.  Ok....just two with the V familie.  We went over there for our weekly family home evening appointment and their son had his birthday!!  Julius turned 11 on Monday and then, we were over there again on Wednesday because we had a birthday party for Sister Clement.  Yes, our birthdays are less that 10 days apart.  We are so grateful for the V familie and that they love us enough to throw two different birthday parties in a week!!  We have so much fun with their family and they are working super hard on their family mission plan.  They have us over every week because they are going through Preach my Gospel to prepare to be ready to answer their friends questions.  They have also set a goal to invite a friend to something or to give them a copy of the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.  It was super cool to watch them make this plan as a family and to be able to pray with them to know that this is what Heavenly Father expected from them at this time and that He would help them!!  I love member missionary work!!

I got to spend two days in Antwerpen this week!!  I love Antwerpen.  Sometimes I miss the city, I have been in a tiny dorp since February....and I love being around all of the people in the city and Antwerpen is definitely one of a kind!!  I spent Tuesday on exchanges with Sister Rigdon.  Life is always super amazing when Sister Rigdon is in your life!!  We just had a blast the entire day.  We were booked with appointments mostly because of a return missionary named Andy Thomas.  Acutally, Broeder Wells, from the MTC, taught him and he just got home from a two year mission in England.  But he set up a ton of less-active appointments for the sisters to go to and he wanted to be able to come along. So we had three appointments with sisters who haven't seen a member of the church for two ish years (Please do your home and visiting teaching!!)  And we had a blast.  They truly felt the Spirit and we had a great day.  We also had a dinner appointment with the Willems.  They are probably the funniest people I have ever met.  Broeder Willem reminds me of Grandpa Israelsen.  So, we had a very good time!!
On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Antwerpen!!  I always love Zone Conference.  Most missionaries will tell you about this annoying head ache that you get after zone conferences because it is so much information and the spirit is so strong for like five hours straight that your body can't handle it.  It is crazy!!  This Conference was worse.  We talked about so many things!!  We talked about having a total mind shift, about doing the work.  Europe is baptizing and we as a mission are also.  We are loving it!!  We took a tour of the Doctirne and Covenants learning about Zion.  We had a guest speaker, President Boom, who talked to us all about Charity and developing it so that we can become the missionaries the Lord wants us to become.  We talked a lot about faith and developing the faith necessary to do the Lord's work.  And President and Zuster Robinson started a series of Revelations Doctrinal lectures.....It was crazy but so much fun!! 

Our investigators are also doing super well.  Isaac finished all of the lessons this week!!  He is planning on being baptized in two weeks and we are praying and hoping that everything goes well and that we are able to see him enter into that covenant!!  He is already an amazing missionary and he is doing his best to be able to answer all of his questions by reading the Book of Mormon.  I love this guy!!

We also have another investigator who is doing his best to quit smoking and drinking.  I can't imagine how hard that can be and we are doing everything that we can to be able to help him with his goals.  It is so sad to see your investigators relapse when they know that they have a goal, but the Lord is there to give second chances.  He will forgive us if we do our part to come unto him.  I have seen that time and time again here on my mission.  Both for me, for my companions and for the investigators and members we are able to work with.  The Atonement is real.  It is amazing.  if we choose to apply it into our lives, we will be the happiest person we could ever imagine.  I know that, because I have felt of that power and that joy!!  

I love being a missionary!!  Even when it is hard.  I love it.  I love working with the people, MY PEOPLE!!  These are my people, this is the work I need to do!!

Sorry there aren't any picturess, the computer is being really dumb,

i love you all!!
Zuster Israelsen

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