Monday, July 22, 2013

Transferred to Turnhout, Belgium, Interviews, Miracles and Mission Wide Deep Cleaning Day!

 Oh HALLO!!! 
 What a crazy week it has been here in the Belgian realm of the world!!!  I can't believe that this week is a new transfer.  I almost don't even know what to do with myself!!!  It is ridiculous!!  Time just goes by so fast I can't even believe it!! 
Rachel, that is a pretty impressive tan line, it almost rivals my watch tan line that I am seeming to develop here.... :)   Dad, I am sorry that you are in pain, I hope that Mom put you in a dungeon like they do here on the mission if you have any problems medically.  Also, don't try to be brave and stop taking pain killers when you obviously need them.  Just read Doctrine and Covenants 10:4 and follow the footnotes to Mosiah.  I had to study that when I was out of commission and learned that making sure that you are healthy is a part of being dilligent, even if that means you have to stay in bed on happy pills!!  

You also asked about the crowning of the new king.  I actually had no idea that it was happening until yesterday, when it happened.  Queen's day(which is now kings day) in the Netherlands was a much bigger deal!!!  But everyone did put out their Belgian flags which I would have done if I had known.  Yes...I have one of those!!
So this week.....I was still stuck inside for Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday we had a mission wide deep clean of our apartments.  And it was supposed to be a DEEP CLEAN!!  My companions took it a little overboard and used a lot of bleach...We may have breathed in a few too many fumes...but it was a good day.  Helen Snow came and stayed with me again on Tuesday so that my companions could go out again!!  I think that was the best part of this whole foot thing.  I was able to see my companions succeed even though they were scared out of their minds.  That made me so happy!!!   I was a proud mamma every night when they came home and told me all of the cool things that they were able to do that day!!  They are two outstanding missionaries!! 
We had interviews on Wednesday along with district meeting!!!  That was a party!!  I love having interviews with President and Sister Robinson.  It feels like a life talk when you go in there and you learn more about yourself, check in and make new goals for the upcoming quarter!!!  I especially like the talks with Sister Robinson, she always has great insight and knows just what to say!! 
 We have had a week full of miracles!!!  We have had great appointments with K and A.  Our two African friends who have been taking the lessons together.  K has been on date for a while and really progressing everyday toward baptism.  We found out last week that he was living with a girl who promised to help him out and that he was being forced to drink coffee and that he had made the decision to move out.  (good thing)  But it is hard for him to find a place, so that is really the only thing that is holding him back.  This week though, we gave a lesson to A and K about the temple and how that is the goal and that if we are able to go there, that our families are able to be together forever.  Both of them felt the Spirit so strongly!!  It was a beautiful moment and they are both committed now to be baptized on the 17 of August.  They are working on signing a contract for an apartment together, they both came to church together on Sunday and they are reading the Book of Mormon together.  I have loved seeing how amazing K's reading has become since he started to read the Book of Mormon.  I think that is one of the greatest miracles for him, he is becoming literate because of his efforts to read the Book of Mormon, it is so amazing!!!
We also had great finding experiences this week.  In district meeting we were told to go out this week expecting miracles.  I think that before I would just go out and work my hardest knowing that if the Lord wanted something to happen that it would.  But this week we went outside with a goal, we expected to find three families by the end of the week.  Three families that would be willing to listen to our message.  We went outside and contacted every family that we came in contact with.  And guess what?!?!  We now have three appointments this next week with three families that all three have three children around the age of baptism!!!!  So cool!!!!  Because we went outside, expecting that the Lord would bless us with that miracle and we went out in full confidence that it would happen and did our best to bring it to pass, the Lord provided the miracle!! 
I love it here in Genk!!!  I didn't have such a hot time at the beginning but now I have grown to love Belgium and the people here.  I love it!!!  And I am sad that this week I have to leave....
I have been transferred....Yup, I am following the two transfer pattern still.  My fourth city will be the city of Turnhout Belgium.  I am not moving too far away so that is fun!!!  I have been asked to train again....I don't know who keeps thinking that i am qualified for such things but it is happening. I will be serving alongside Elders who are placed in Geel only a 20 minute bus ride so that will also be fun!!  The crazy part about this transfer is that...both of my companions are being transferred as well!!!  WHAT!!!!  That is what I said too!!
Z. Brown has been asked to train and is opening up the city of Almere for sisters!!!  She is going to do great up there in Nederland!!
And Z. Packer has been transferred to Drodrecht, Nederland!!!  She is going back to one of my favorite places ever and I will be sending my love through her to all of the members!! 
Elders are coming here to Genk to whitewash.  Hopefull they will have a party and take care of my small little Genk branch!! 
They have also opened up a 5th Zone and plan on opening up another next transfer!!!!  I am telling you, this place is exploding aith missionaries!!!!  I can't believe it!!  
To be honest though, I am just glad that I still get to enjoy Belgian waffles for a little while longer!!!  I just have to make sure and get back up to Nederland for Ollie bollen season!!!  
I love you all!!  I hope that you have a great week!!!  Tell Matt, Becca and family that I love them!!  
Don't have too much fun without me!!!  But make sure that you have at least a little bit of fun!!!
Zuster Israelsen

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