Sunday, June 2, 2013

Janky Shoarma, Book of Mormon will testify about Jezus Christus in the same way the Bijbel does and Real Hamburgers

So, last P-Day was another crazy Belgian holiday, where everything was closed.  So, we stayed home the whole day.  I have learned that that is no longer possible in my life.  I don't think that I will be able to stay home because you get so very bored with nothing to do.  Part of my bordness factor would probably be that we don't even have the church dvds to watch couch, just a hard tile floor and no games.  Zuster Brown had a billion letters to write...But I don't.  I have heard that I have a stack waiting for me at the office though...too bad that is five hours away. 
Anyway, after a P-Day of staying home, we had to get up at 5:30 to be able to get to our district meeting on time.  Travel here in Belgium is ridiculous!!!!  And also, we don't have any trains that really go anywhere directly from Genk, so...yeah.  District meeting was super fun though!!!  We did a visualization(sp?) where District Leader Shoemaker played music and read a scenario to us where we had to answer specific questions to ourselves.  It was cool, I think that we were supposed to learn about humility...but we made it a little too light hearted.  But it was Zuster Stout and Zuster Palenikova's last district meeting ever!!!  They are probably my favorite people in the world and I am so sad that they are leaving us with all of the elders!!!  But i am so happy that they can now go home and see their families and go back to real life.  We had a party on their last day!!!!  We went out to eat and had janky shoarma.  I think that it is delicious!!! more of that turkish food!!  I am definately going to take you guys there when you come.  It was good.
We have actually been able to have lessons with investigators this week.  Mostly because we are actually finding people.  We had an appointment with Chris, that we were super early for with a member named Helen Snow.  she is super amazing!!!  We learned from her how to actually talk to every single person on the street.  I mean, we talk to a lot of different people, but she was literally talking to everyone!!!! So that was cool.  We also had a great lesson where we were able to teach about the importance of the Book of Mormon and the difference between it and the Bijbel.  Chris wouldn't read it before that lesson because he wasn't sure about if it was really the word of God, but we were able to show him that it really does testify about Jezus Christus in the same way the Bijbel does. 
Also, we have found a lot of potentials this week.....but most of them are men, who end up flirting with we drop them.  We ahve decided that it is my green raincoat, that is what does them in.  Every time any of these circumstances arises, I am wearing that coat....we think that it is time to go shopping. 
I got to go back to the Netherlands for a day this week!!!! Hallelujah!!!  We went on exchanges and I got to go to Heerlen for a day with Zuster Stevens!!!  She is also from Colorado and is super cool!!!  We also got to eat American food that day because the ward there is an army ward(mostly) and we had a great dinner appointment with real hamburgers!!!  I also had a best two years experience in their apartment.  They literally only have a hose for their shower.  I knez that you wouldn't believe me, so I took a picture!!! 
We had a miracle come from exchanges though.  They found a 19 year old young woman, named Stephanie.  They gave her a Book of Mormon and set up another appointment for the next day.  We went to our appointment, taught the restoration and commited her to baptism.  We now have a baptisimal date.  She is super cool and we just love her!!!  The Lord really does bless you when you are dilligent.  But just like we learn in Mosiah 26, the Lord only answers you AFTER you ask in faith and faith requires action on our part. 
We have found 3 new investigators this week.  Two of which are we will see how that goes!  They are super open and interested to learn so we are willing ot teach them. 
In sacrament meeting this week, I was asked to translate.  I thought that it was going to be from Dutch to English, which is doeable.  But was from english to dutch from the pulpit.  Ummmmm that was the crazyest experience of my life.  I don't reccommend it.  I was thanked by a lot of people and told by the english speakers that I had done a good job, but i definately had help from the Lord because the person who was speaking used a bunch of intelligent words that I have never learned, ever, in my mission.  So, I was way nervous but was blessed!!!
Anyway,  that was my week, nothing too exciting, besides the new investigators!!!  I hope that you are all having a great week!!!!  With summer vacation and everything!!  Please don't do anything too crazy or fun without go to China or anything!!! 
I Love you!!!


Zuster Israelsen

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