Monday, May 6, 2013

Genk, No Hot Water, French Keyboards, Transfer with Zuster Brown, Baptism

Hello my wonderful Family!!!!
So, since I am now in Belgium.....they use French keyboards and no one here at the library can tell me how to change it so my letter is going to be a little shorter today because I have no idea where the key thingys are. It is driving me crazy!!!  i feel like an old woman who has to use two fingers to type a letter.  RIDICULOUS!!!!!! 

Anyway.  We did figure out a way to skype you next week.  We will be going over to a members home and my companion will go first at 6 PM and I will skype at 7 PM our time.  Which, if my math is right, the 8 hour time difference makes that 11 AM your time.  I do not know whose skype account I will be using but if I remember right, the thing is ColoradoIsraelsens.  If that is not it; you have to make another one zith that thing because that is what I will use.  
So this week has been a little crazy!!!  First, we had Queens day in the Netherlands.  Everyone was out partying and not a single person wanted to talk to us, so we got to experience the day as we tried to do the work.  We also had a lot of work to do updating the area book and such since I was leaving to another country and we are not able to call each other over the border for infor,ation because it costs way too much!!!  and I also had to finish packing....which was ridiculous.  I have to dejunk while i am here in Genk.
Transfer day was completely ridiculous.  We had a trainers meeting, which by the way, I am totally not qualified to do this!!!  But that was way long, and then we had to travel all of the way to Belgium, with just me and my companion  and all 6 of our bags and my bike.  let me just tell you that on a train that is not easy, especially when you have to change trains a lot!!!  by the way, my new companion is Zuster Brown.  She is coincidentally Taylors friend that I wrote for a while.  I also found out that all of the sisters that just came into the field were all following my blog to get ready for the mission.....that was awkward!!! 
Genk branch is super tiny.  There were literally ten people in sacrament meeting this week.  To open a new area has been super stressful.  Especially since the busses and trains here are ridiculous:  I can not even explain my frustrations about it.  They do not even announce the stops so if I even have an idea of where I am going then I am never going to get there anyway!!!  we live pretty close to the church, but our area is so huge.  To get to the closest member it is an hour bus ride, which means 2 or so by bike.  Needless to say, we do not bike that much.   What is most frustrating is that we do not even have a map of the area ane no warm water in our apartment.  I am about to go on shower strike!!!  It is not like anyone here would notice anyway....I mean, they do not even use deoderant.  Dad, you asked if there were any missionaries in our district close by, and the answer hour and a half by train.  So no.  But, they have tried to do some work here in our area before we came.  They did enough work to have a baptism this weekend but that was our only investigator, who is now a member.  So we are starting fresh. 
Ok, I am so sorry that this email is so short.  I am trying so hard, but it is just frustrating me to do this :).  So I am going to send you pictures so that you can see more of what is going on.  i can not wait to talk to you next week!!! And I will be sure to try and figure out hoz to change this keyboard for next week!!! Or just get better at it.  jake, have a great last few days of high school!!!  I love you all so much!!!!
Zuster Israelsen

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