Monday, April 15, 2013

Miracles, 23 People in a Day, Singing in 5 Minutes!

Hello My Beautiful Family!!

So this week has been pretty interesting!! The mission got changed in the middle of a there have been crazy middle of the transfers transfer!! So our district was dramatically changed. I had my last district meeting with Elder Shoemaker and Elder Ombach!! They are two of my favorite elders(if you are allowed to pick favorites) They are a super funny companionship and nothing was ever boring when you were with them!! I love it so much!! But we got to have district meeting here in Dordrecht in the cool old house because afterward, we all went into Dordrecht and contacted a TON of people!! It was way fun and we all got to learn from each other to see what we all do differently when we talk to people on the street. President has challenged all of the missionaries in the mission to contact at least 23 people a day and that has been pretty interesting. We found out that sometimes it is harder than it looks but that it really pays off. We have five potential investigators from out efforts this week and two new investigators this week!! It was super cool to see that and we are now determined to continue to contact that many people a day for the rest of our missions!! We have also seen how, when we are doing our part to continue to find people to teach, that the Lord blesses us with the people that we have already found and are teaching.

One of our investigators, Lydia. She is from the Congo, she became progressing this week and she bore her tstimony to us about Joseph Smith!! We were really worried about her, like I was with Ans, after the first appointment because she didn't seem very positive, but then we went back and she was all sorts of excited and you could just see the change that came about her when we shared more about the Book of Mormon with her!! I hope that everyday, when I get a chance to open the Book of Mormon and to study the gospel, that this same change comes over me!! I hope that people can see the light that comes from the gospel in my life like I can see it in the lives of our investigators.

There was also a really sweet miracle. This man, named Alfred, randomly called us and we were not sure why. He told us that he was trying to make a really difficult decision in his life, and that he knew that if we prayed for him that he would receive and answer. So we prayed for him and then continued on with our day. The next day, we got a call from him and he told us that he had received an answer and that he wanted to make an appointment with us!! super cool!! And our appointment with him this week was really cool!! It was so sad to see the hardship that he was having in his life, but that through his experiences he is coming closer to Christ!!

On Wednesday, we had sister exchanges and Zuster Hinchcliff came back with me to Dordrecht. What a wonderful experience that was!! I love that girl!! We get along so very well and we are always on the same page no matter what appointment we are in or who we are contacting on the street!! It was a wonderful day full of appointments and success!! We had a competition that day with our district leader to see who could contact the most people and we won by having 40!! We are so cool!!

Also, Sana. This week was truly miraculous!! He is getting so much closer with being done smoking!! I love it!! But the coolest thing was that, last week, we thought that he didnt have a testimony of Joseph Smith and about the church because of the questions he was asking after watching the restoration movie. the problem is is that he speaks French and tries his best to speak Dutch. So, this week, the stake president came with us because he speaks French. And it was the most powerful lesson I have ever been in!! Sana bore his testimony of the church in French and I could understand every single word!! And he has a wonderful testimony of the restoration of the church!! It is wonderful and he is planning on being baptized on the 27 of this month!!

This weekend we also stake conference. I love stake conference!! We had a member of the seventy Elder Wright in our midst!! It was a wonderful thing and the spirit was so strong!! I was randomly asked to sing a solo five minutes before the meeting began. So that was cool!! But the really cool thing was that Igor Gruppman, he is a director of the Orchestra at Temple Square, he told me that when I go back to the United States, that I have to get in contact with him and that he would set me up with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I don't know how that is really going to happen but that made me really excited!! It was so much fun to be able to sing in that meeting!! I love being able to share my testimony through song!!

Tomorrow, we get to go to the temple!! I am so excited!! And also, my letter next week will be full of temple and keukenhof magic!!

I love you all so very much!!

I hope that you have a wonderful week and that you aren't going to do anything too exciting without me!!

I love you!!

Zuster Israelsen

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